Audrey. Fashion. Fabulous. Chic. Always. HOW? She always looked effortless and chic. Just like Parisienne women….hmmm…there is a class right? A secret book handed down? This got me thinking, researching, thinking and researching some more. I finally think I found MY answer ….Minimalism. Tiny European closets, limited funds (ok, not Audrey, per se) and limited time can create amazing things. I will be moving to Europe myself soon and decided to get started. My inner Audrey went insane! Three hours later, I donated 8 garbage bags of clothing, and 5 garbage bags of shoes (which I almost cried about). I had no idea I had accumulated so much!

I will be sharing the items I decided to keep and a daily update of what I wore. There are numerous blogs and websites regarding minimalism out there, Project 333, people doing Remix 7×7, there is also thedailyconnoisseur (she’s fabulous and keeps only TEN items in her wardrobe per season), and while I’m not going to quite the extreme of only TEN, I have given myself the challenge of only allowing accessory purchases, NO clothing, NO shoes for the next year. The only exception is if a current item needs replacing because of wear and tear. I think it’s only fair that if the bottom of a shoe falls off that I get to replace it. 😉
To give a sneak peak, here is what I wore today.


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