Last summer I had the absolute joy and privilege to spend two weeks in Paris with one of my dearest friends. Like most girls, we had several conversations about what we were bringing, how many bags, what kinds of shoes, etc. You can’t exactly go to one of the most fashionable cities in the world and look like you just rolled out of bed! While I wanted to be fashionable and comfortable, I was also adamant that I did not want to drag around a bunch of luggage. I decided to only bring a carry-on. When I shared my plan I believe her exact response was “oh hell no.” There was no way she could survive two weeks in Europe with only a carry-on!

Because my closet only contains things I love and everything coordinates, packing ended up being ridiculously easy. I pulled my desired items out of my closet (22 items in total) and packed using “the bundle method.” ( Not only did all 22 items (including shoes) fit with no problem, I had room left for souvenirs. I always felt like I had an appropriate outfit to wear no matter the occasion, I didn’t have to wait for my baggage, didn’t have a heavy, bulky suitcase to move around and dressing every day was super easy!

On the other hand… wonderful fun friend took a huge suitcase and maybe wore HALF of the items in her suitcase! After adding souvenirs, I had to sit on it to help her close it. She also had to pay a weight overage charge on our return home.

I have since minimized my closet further and I do believe with my current items and the bundle method, I could pack my entire closet into two suitcases! How cool is it to be able to take your entire closet with you whenever you travel?

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