Last week I showed how core items in your closet can be a boho style. Today, I want to show how they can be punk. I think most people read about minimalism, with examples, and think they have to buy exactly what is shown in the examples, but why would you buy a white button down with French cuffs if that’s not your taste? The whole point is to have very few items of high quality in your closet that you LOVE. As before with boho, I am focusing on 5 tops, 5 bottoms and 5 sweaters to give examples:

I realize this may not be your version of punk, but when I was in high school and chose to dress “punk,” the majority of my clothing was black and very “worn” looking (even though the clothing was usually new and expensive! – still haven’t figured that one out!), so “dress” shorts for someone who chooses a punk style aren’t going to look dressy at all.

As always:


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