When I brought my closet up to my minimalist standards recently, I stood back with a proud smile on my face. Finally! A closet full of clothes I loved and could mix and match easily! Yay! I was done! Then I remembered the coat closet out in the hall. I live in Southern California so how much could really be in there? Somehow, I had amassed a good 20 coats/jackets. There was one jacket I am still thinking hard about, but I was able to narrow down the rest to what I believe will get me through a Winter anywhere. These should get you through any season (and remember you have your cardigan and black blazer for added warmth as well):

1. A long wool coat. Believe it or not, even in Southern California, it gets cold enough to warrant wearing this bad boy every once in a while. The point of having a long length is to help cover your legs. There are lots of styles and colors to choose from.

2. A pea coat. Most people think military when they hear pea coat, but they have been updated. They are that perfect “I need a nice coat, but it isn’t 20 below outside.” Again, tons of colors and styles to choose from.

3. A leather jacket. You want something lightweight, but depending on where you live, maybe a jacket with a zip out lining works best for you. Depending on the style, it can easily dress up or funk up an outfit. Leather never goes out of style.

4. A trench coat. Perfect for rainy days or a light layer of warmth. I took mine with me to Paris last year and it was the perfect coat for chilly Paris mornings.

5. A parka. The name is horrid and reminds you of a huge shapeless mass of fabric. This is that casual, “throw it on” in-between coat. It’s heavier than a trench but much less dressy than your pea coat or heavy winter coat. Instead of a parka in my wardrobe, I’ve opted for a cape. Why? I just loved it.

Time got away from me yesterday so I didn’t get to post what I wore. So here is yesterday and today!


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