Bottoms are the foundation for your minimalist wardrobe. You need very few, but there are some that will make your wardrobe ultra functional. You’ve dumped the trash pile, gone through your maybe pile, dropped off your donation pile and are left with your LOVE pile. Look through the items left, those wonderful amazing pieces of clothing that feel fantastic against your skin, that make you feel like a million bucks, that are so comfortable and cozy someone would have to pry them from your dead hands. You will probably notice a color or pattern theme going on in what you decided to keep.  See if the following are amongst them:

1. A pair of dress pants in a neutral color. These could be black, white, grey, brown, tan or navy. These colors go with anything and a dress pant in one of these colors worn with a nice blouse creates instant professional attire. The color that will mix and match with the majority of the tops in your “love” pile is best.  I personally use light-weight wool trousers, the Jackson fit, from Banana Republic in black. They transition into any season.

2. A pair of dark wash denim jeans. A dark rinse is much dressier than a faded, light denim. These will be your “dressy” jeans for date night, a girls night out, or any event where you can wear jeans, but want to be a little more dressed up. I tend to prefer skinnies at the moment. I find them more comfortable.

3. A pencil skirt. The ultimate versatile sexy skirt in my opinion. A pencil skirt will hug your curves in just the right places. You can dress it up with a blouse and blazer or dress it funky with a graphic t-shirt left untucked. If it’s the right material it can be worn as a tube dress, wear it with flats, heels, boots…the possibilities are endless.

4.  A pair of dress shorts in a neutral color. Easily dressed up or down on hot summer days for a stroll on the beach, an evening bbq, or a drink with your beau.

5. White jeans. I used to swear these off, but was recently pursuaded and will never go back! They are super versatile. You can wear them with anything from a cute breton stripe t-shirt to a pretty colored silk button down and you will look chic. I personally wear Levi’s like these.      

These are core bottoms I believe every woman should have in their minimalist wardrobe. Each item, except maybe the shorts, transitions easily between each season. Since they can be worn each season and year after year, purchase the highest quality of each of these items you can afford. I promise they won’t let you down!
Oh I almost forgot! I had to do some moving of boxes in the office file room, so it was a casual Monday for me. Gotta love those! What I wore 8/12:


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