You have amassed your core bottoms. Now let’s cover those ta-ta’s..or not. Depends on your style. I’ve found it makes more sense to have two to three times as many tops as bottoms. People won’t notice the black pants worn twice in a week, but they will notice that bright multi-colored print top. However, just like with core bottoms, there are core tops every woman should own.

1. A white button down. It’s considered a classic for a reason, but that doesn’t mean it has to be  “boring” and conservative. Keep in mind with all your clothing that the details are what makes the clothing YOU. So look for details. If you like crisp, simple lines, add a white shirt like this:


Or maybe you are more feminine or girlie:


A white shirt, like all of your shirts, doesn’t have to be just a white shirt. Chose one based on your personality and style!

2. A solid color long-sleeve silk button down. I can’t think of anything that feels better against my skin than silk…except maybe cashmere. Shiny or matte, this gives you a go-to shirt that transitions throughout the seasons, feels good against your skin, hangs beautifully..can you tell I love them? They are just amazing. Silk isn’t as hard to take care of as you might think.


3. A breton stripe t-shirt. They scream French. The stripes are of a very particular size. This isn’t just any old striped t-shirt. Choose colors that you love. I tend to go for the traditional navy and white.image

4. A solid white t-shirt. Not only are they classic, they are great for layering and therefore, transition into other seasons. Choose one with a neckline that suits your body type and personality. Ways to wear a white t-shirt:


5. Chambray shirt. Short or long-sleeved, it’s as versatile as your white button down. It can be worn with jeans, shorts, dress pants…accessories, or lack thereof, change the personality of this shirt.


All of the above shirts can be frumpy, trendy, casual or dressy. It all depends on what you pair them with and how you accessorize. If you only had 5 shirts in your wardrobe, these are the ones I believe are  most versatile.

I wouldn’t suggest any more than 20 tops (not counting sweaters) in your closet (including the 5 above). Tops should be chosen based on the dominant color of your bottoms, your favorite colors, your personality, and your body type. If you are outdoorsy, go t-shirt heavy. Office professional = more blouses. I’ve chosen to stick with solids. It makes my mixing and matching much simpler.


What I Wore – 8/13


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