MINIMALISM IN YOUR CLOSET – The Very First Step, Who are You?

Once upon a time I was an actress with a crazy closet. I could walk out the door as a doctor or a gypsy. I dressed for everyone but me. That part of my life is now over and I wanted my closet to reflect who I was now.

Having been an actress, I am a firm believer that clothes affect how you feel. A corset is going to make you hold yourself differently. A baggy t-shirt and sweats are going to make you feel different. It is the first impression people have when they first see you. This is why clothing is so important to me. I would love nothing more than for everyone to feel their sexy, smart, crazy, fun, sassy, sophisticated them when they get dressed.

So… who was I? How did I want to feel every morning when I dressed? I kept remembering the rebellious punkish girl in high school who insisted on not dressing like the cheerleaders. I’m no longer that girl. I don’t have to wear black lipstick to feel worthy of listening to my favorite bands. I thought about movies where the clothing stood out to me, which celebrities did I repeatedly admire for their style, was there a particular item I was drawn to over and over, did I prefer dressing up or dressing down, what were my hobbies? I finally came to the conclusion that I am classic, girlie, and somewhat conservative (that was a hard one to admit for a while) with an edge.

Figuring out who you are is the first step in shrinking your closet. It will keep you from throwing away the wrong items.

What I Wore – Casual Friday 8/9


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