Once upon a time, I was a fast fashion consumer. I loved walking out of a Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe with $200 worth of goodies! My mother taught me to always shop the sales rack first, so imagine how many pieces of clothing you can get off the sales rack with a $200 budget! It was great! Except, with an 8 foot long wall closet and two dressers packed full of clothes, I would still end up standing for 20 minutes in front of my closet with nothing to wear. To add insult to injury, if there was an item I fell in love with, 3 times through the wash and it was faded, lost its shape or in some cases, was completely ruined. I decided enough was enough. I was tired of having nothing to wear, tired of spending tons of time trying to figure out what to wear, tired of my favorite shirt falling apart and tired of spending money on clothes I just ended up throwing in the trash within a few months. I realized I had to change the way I looked at clothes and how I shopped.
 I realized that while it’s lovely to have that cute, trendy top that I spent $25.00 on, (1) it’s a trend and will go out of style quickly (2) if it’s fast fashion, it’s most likely made from cheap materials (3) how many times a year am I replacing that top? How much is it really costing me? (4) how well does that top fit with the rest of my clothing? How much wear can I really get out of it?
So let’s say I have to replace that top 3 times in a year…I’ve now spent $75.00 and I have to keep throwing away a top I might really love. What if, instead, I buy a top ONCE for the full $75.00 and wear it year after year? And what if I love that top and am able to mix and match it with the rest of my closet? And what if I did that with everything in my closet? How much time would I save getting dressed? How sexy and sassy would I feel knowing my clothes are sewn well, with quality fabric that hangs wonderfully on my body? My decision was made. I methodically started replacing items with higher quality items, eventually realizing that my clothes mixed and matched so well that I didn’t need nearly as many as I thought and I still had an outfit for absolutely any occasion!
So, while I have a lot less clothing than most of my counterparts
1. mine is usually better quality (which means I am replacing it less often, which means more money in my pocket),
2. I am able to get ready much more quickly (I can literally grab anything out of my closet and it goes with everything else) and
3. packing..oh wow, is packing easy! I have a great story about that to share in my next post!
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