My Personal Closet

I thought it only fair that I post the contents of my minimalist closet, well as close as I can get. Some photos are the actual item and some are as close a photo as I could find to the real thing. This will give you an idea of how I built on the 30 core items I have been discussing. Project333 challenges followers to choose 33 items and wear only those 33 items, which includes footwear, over the course of 3 months. This got me curious. How many items did I have in my closet? Drum roll please….. 93!! (I think I counted right) Here is the breakdown:

9 t-shirts

2 cami’s

18 dresses (I wear dresses more than anything else)

19 tops

12 sweaters

5 skirts

2 pants

4 jeans

2 Blazers

1 pair shorts

I’m leaving out photos of the coats and footwear for another day. But here are their numbers: 
5 coats

2 pair brown boots
4 pair black boots
2 pair tennis shoes (converse/running shoes)
1 pair flip flops
3 pair dressy sandals (black/ dark brown/nude)
1 pair black heels
1 pair brown heels
1 pair evening dressy blingy shoes
At first I thought, crap! But I got rid of SO much stuff and I have been REALLY picky about what I’ve purchased lately! Then I remembered that Project333 is choosing 33 items for every season, bringing their total items in a year to 132 items. I have 90 items in total, to get me through an entire year, not just a season. That would have been my closet before the great purge 🙂  I love each and every item and I never get bored with my closet. Have you been motivated? How is your closet shaping up?

Almost forgot!


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