Sometimes when speaking with my friends about my minimalist wardrobe, I am asked if I ever get bored with wearing the same stuff over and over. They can’t fathom having so few items. They like to feel like they are shopping every time they open their closets. I get it. It is fun to think of your closet as your own personal store. Having said that, it’s also fun to know that I could literally close my eyes, pull something out of my closet and I will feel awesome in it. It’s fun to know that my plain pink silk shirt can be worn tons of different ways. It’s super fun to know that I truly have an outfit for any occasion. It’s fantastic to know that I have quality items in my closet that do not have to be replaced constantly, which lets me spend my money elsewhere. So in answer to their question, my response is always a resounding “absolutely not!”

So with 92 items, how do I keep from getting bored? Accessories….belts, hats, scarves, bracelets, necklaces, etc., etc.  Accessories can completely change the feel of an outfit. Remember my post on the little black dress? I paired it with different necklaces and belts, which made the dress feel like a completely different dress every time. I do exactly the same thing with every other item in my closet. If there is a trend I like (I don’t usually pay attention to trends, but every once in a while I will see one I like), I follow that trend through accessories. If a certain print or color is popular on a shirt, trust me, they will make the same print or color in scarf and jewelry form. It’s a whole lot cheaper than replacing multiple items in your wardrobe anytime something comes in or out of fashion and you won’t feel like you are losing money when you get rid of it.

But to be honest with you, I’m picky about those too 😉 I don’t want 400 necklaces, 200 scarves and 90 belts to keep up with, so I think about what that belt, necklace or scarf is saying before I make that purchase.


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