Patient and Picky

I try to buy the highest quality I can afford and I’ve even become really picky about fabric. I got rid of anything synthetic in my closet. I would say 98% of my shirts are now silk. The remaining few are 100% cotton and the same goes for my skirts and dresses. All of my sweaters, save 2, are cashmere. The 2 that aren’t are 100% wool.  I want my clothes to breathe and feel good against my skin. I’m pretty fond of the idea of them not smelling like burning plastic if they happened to catch fire or something as well. Plus, when I finally retire them to the trash, they will actually degrade. For silk, I’ve purchased just about everything on Ebay. I’ve found some amazing deals. In fact, the pink 100% silk shirt I used as an example in my accessory post is Banana Republic and I paid a whopping 99 CENTS for it, plus I think $2.50 in shipping.

Bottoms I approach differently. Those I do buy in the retail stores but I refuse to pay full price. I simply wait for the sales. They always have them so why pay their massive markup?

All of my cashmere comes from Lord & Taylor. They have AMAZING cashmere sales twice a year where you can get sweaters that would normally run $200-$300 for around $40-$50.

While I’m not opposed to buying some trinket necklace or bracelet from places like Forever 21, I can’t help but hit up the second hand stores for some vintage finds. My most prized find to date is a pink Hermes scarf that I bought for $7.00 whole dollars. I think the woman thought it was just a pink scarf and I wasn’t going to argue. When I got home, I inspected it thoroughly. Was it real? Ok, even it if wasn’t, I liked it and it was $7.00, but was it real? I took it to an Hermes store to have them authenticate it. Yep, the real deal!

By being patient and picky, I have slowly and methodically been able to create a wardrobe that contains quality items made from materials I love and it never once hurt my wallet.


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