NY Fashion Week

I don’t usually pay attention to any fashion week anywhere. This year, however, NY Fashion Week keeps popping up on my radar. I’ve seen several collections and one of the things I have noticed is that there is a lot of monochrome (black and white) on the catwalk.

I have to be honest, it cracks me up that this is a fashion “trend.” I can’t think of anything more classic than black and white. Having said that, if you are someone that follows trends (and there is nothing wrong with that, to each their own), with your minimalist core items containing several black and white pieces, it should be super easy to throw together some outfits that put you on trend and make you feel amazing! Just add a pop of your favorite color and off you go! Based on the core items I’ve listed before, here are some examples of the outfits you could put together:

 As always (including yesterday):


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