It’s In the Details…

As you have seen, my closet contains classic clothing that’s pretty simple. While I do tend to favor that style for it’s versatility, I also like to add some pizazz with details. Like for instance, instead of just a standard white button up shirt, I bought one in silk. The fabric gives it that little something extra. It might be a row of buttons, a well placed zipper, or a particular style of ruffle that takes the item from bleh to “there’s something about it.” I try to stick with details that are somewhat subtle so they don’t date the item. Let’s say you want a pink v-neck sweater. Instead of this (which really has no shape or personality):

What if you got something more like this:

The suede elbow patch on the sweater on the left and the and the cable knit/shawl collar with a button on the right add just that little something extra without dating the sweater or taking away from it’s functionality.

As always,


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