I know the price of designer haute couture seems outrageous but sometimes it’s actually cheaper. A lot cheaper.  See below:

Chanel from the 1960’s currently for sale on Etsy:

As you can see, still in pristine condition. No idea what the price was in the 60’s, but a brand new pair of Chanel ballet flats today would run you $650.00.

My leather/patent leather ballet flats which are merely 8 months old:

At the rate my shoes are going, they might last me another 6 months (probably more like 4 months) before they will have to be replaced. That means a new pair of black leather ballet flats close to every year at $50.00 a pop. Lets do the math…

2013 – 1960 = 53 years divided by $650 = $12.26 a year
$50.00 x 53 years =  $2,650.00.

‘Nuff said.

as always:


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