Fashion weeks for Spring/Summer 2014 is coming to a close but the fashion for Fall/Winter 2013 is starting to hit the stores. Here are a few photos from the 2013 Fall/Winter collections:

Really not much different than Spring/Summer 2014 which had black and white, geometric prints and pastels instead of cerulean blue. All of your awesome, high quality black and white pieces from your core items are “fashionable” for two seasons instead of one! How awesome is that? Of course, black and white is so classic, it will never, ever go out of style. So, you are in love with one of the looks above but don’t want to waste money on an item you know will be boring to you in 3 months. What do you do? Answer:

1. JC Penny’s $18.00
2. Charlotte Russe $6.00
3. Charlotte Russe $6.00
4. Forever 21 $24.80
5. Forever 21 $8.80
6. Wet Seal $6.50
7. Wet Seal $8.50
8. Forever 21 $12.80
9. Nanette LaPorte $34.00
10. Charlotte Russe $18.99
11. Zara $25.90
12. Wet Seal $10.90
13. Charlotte Russe $9.99

If you total all these items up, you have spent a whopping $191.18, have taken virtually no space from your closet and are still completely on trend (if that’s your thing). I love cerulean blue and will wear it whether it’s on trend or not so I’m off to find myself a nice leather belt in that color!

As always:


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