For you and you alone…

I was thinking the other day about a conversation I had with my young niece. She is, of course, very interested in fashion as most teenagers are, and loves having a closet full of clothes. I asked what made her choose the items that are hanging in her closet and why she felt the need to have so many.  Like most, she is influenced by what she sees her favorite people wearing on television and in magazines, what her friends are wearing at school and what she thinks boys like. I fully remember how important clothes were while in school but it was dressing for what she thinks boys like that really sparked my interest.
I honestly don’t think boys pay one bit of attention to what we wear, but I wasn’t positive about this, so I polled my male friends, all of varying ages and in different stages of relationships. They all had exactly the same answer: most have absolutely no clue who the designers are, have no concept of what the trends are but they all notice HOW the clothing fits on the girl, not WHAT she is wearing. I loved this answer. I have always been a huge proponent for wearing clothes that fit, that flatter, that accentuate our positives and hide our negatives. But, I also believe we should be doing this for ourselves, to make ourselves look and feel good, not for someone else. If we feel good about ourselves, it’s going to radiate to the world. People are going to notice the extra confidence in your walk and the smile on your face. It doesn’t take a lot of clothes, it just takes the right clothes. 😉

Catching up…


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