Movin On Up

I know I have completely disappeared for over a year, but there were BIG changes in my life…as in a wedding and a move to the other side of the world! These big changes also resulted in a major culling of my closet. Imagine putting everything near and dear to you in two suitcases. Yes, that’s right, TWO. And a carry-on. It took a lot of thought and time to go through my wardrobe even though it was already somewhat minimalist. I first went through and got rid of anything damaged in some way. Then I pulled out anything that didn’t fit or I wasn’t crazy in love with anymore. I let my friends go through that pile and donated what was left. (Oh I cried about my shoes.) Finally, I looked at what was left and thought about the climate I was moving to and whether the item would work there. If it didn’t, I donated it. I packed my two suitcases and carry-on (keep in mind this packing included all my important papers, photographs, jewelry…all the things you would pack if you were moving out of your house) and felt a bizarre sense of satisfaction that my entire life could fit in two suitcases.

I brought everything I loved and thought would be perfect for my new home. I was wrong. Oh, so wrong. I had left Los Angeles (a dry heat) for Malta (a very humid heat). I knew to pack for warm weather, don’t get me wrong. I had plenty of t-shirts, shorts and light weight dresses. However, winter came. And it was COLD. So COLD. Who knew this island (I promise it is not even remotely as glamorous as it sounds)in the Mediterranean got so freaking cold in winter? My wardrobe was tailored for heat. We (my new husband and I) then moved from Malta to England for his work, where it is even colder! I am still able to use my t-shirts for layering but I need to revamp my minimalist wardrobe to suit a completely different climate. I have kept a very small handful of summer clothing (a pair of sandals and a couple of sleeveless dresses) but otherwise, I have had to change my entire way of thinking when it comes to dressing. I’m pretty much wearing jeans, a v-neck sweater and a scarf. We are headed into summer here and I’m STILL wearing this uniform. It’s has been a lot of fun figuring out how to accessorize everything!

If you had to pack your life in 2 suitcases, what is the one thing you could NOT live without?

Lazy Sunday Attire!

What I Wore – 05/17/15


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