Goodbye Chain Stores!

Oooh, I am a happy girl!!!! I have found not one, but TWO online only stores that sell quality clothing that would make beautiful additions to your capsule wardobe AND they ship worldwide. YAY! Please allow me to introduce you to Maisoncashmere and Sezane.

Maison Cashmere is an online only cashmere site that was started by two brothers in 2005. They have cut out middlemen and retailers.  There is a small selection of styles and colors to choose from (nothing is made until it is ordered) or you can have something custom made. This means even more savings because they aren’t paying for loads of warehouse space to store tons of sweaters or scarfs, etc. This reduced cost allows them to offer better quality. I ordered this:

 The other wonderful site is Sezane:

Sezane was started by Morgane Sezalory and is/was the first fully online French fashion brand. This choice was fulled by her desire to create quality clothes at a fair price by again cutting out middlemen and store fronts. This girl rather you have clothes you want to wear every day than 5 closets of nothing. That’s my kind of girl! According to the site:

“Sézane proposes four main collections each year which are completed each month with new products or “capsule collections.”

She only creates a limited quantity so once it’s gone, it’s gone. I chose to add this beautiful silk blouse to my capsule wardrobe:

I hope these two sites will help fill out any gaps in your capsule wardobe! As you know, I am always on the hunt for good quality at a fair price. What are your favorite places for good quality basics?


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