I know I go on and on about buying pre-loved clothing BUT I have no issue with buying new if it is a core item, as in it’s something I intend to keep until it is falling apart. There are only a handful of things I believe fall into this category – this is for myself, everyone has their own way of doing things and their own definition of what core items are to their wardrobe so listen to your own needs! My core items are jeans, 2 cashmere sweaters in neutral colors (I have light grey and beige), a white blouse, blazer, denim shirt, dressy skirt, a silk blouse or two and one dress that can be worn to just about any event. To me, if you have those, the rest is filler around those items.

So….recently I had need to replace my navy sweater. I become like a lioness when shopping. I have incredible patience and can wait and wait to not only find exactly what I want, but to find it on sale. Which brings me to the title of my post. After scouring and hunting for weeks, I found the exact navy sweater I wanted:

Jigsaw batwing jumper

Jigsaw Herringbone Batwing Jumper

Now, here is where seriously comes in…This sweater was originally listed for £159.00 (I’m an American living in England) which translates to $198.66. I bought it roughly 3 months ago. The tag (which I had kept to show you a photo of, but hubby accidentally threw away) was first marked down to £97.00 ($121.00) and then £47.00 ($58.74), which is what I paid for it. As you can see from their listing, it has now been marked down again:

Herringbone Batwing Jumper  £159 £37.60 (or $46.98)

Now I have to ask…..if you are able to mark it down all the way from 159 to 37.60 – and we know you are still making a profit of some sort – why didn’t they just sell it for 37.60 to begin with?!?!?!?! Seriously?!?!?!

Then it happened again. I did a wardobe clean and realized that one of my silk tops needed replacing. I have always wanted a Vince silk top as I believe they are good quality. I also wanted to take the opportunity to update colors in my wardrobe so I started scouring and searching for just the right shirt. I fell in love with this from -they have great sales from time to time:

Vince silk top

Guess how much it was originally listed for? £185 ($231.22)

Guess how much I paid? £37 ($46.24)

Look, I get it. They are betting on people just HAVING to buy it right now and paying the original price. But, when they are able to turn around and sell it for 80% of the original cost and still make a profit?!? Makes you wonder.

This is why I never, ever, ever, ever, ever pay full price for anything. Be patient my friends, be patient. 😉


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