Why Pre-Loved Over New?

I know a lot of people just don’t like the idea of second hand clothes, or what I prefer to call pre-loved. I have a million reasons why I prefer them, but I want to talk about just a few with you.

1. You can find items that are brand new. When I lived in LA – a fantastic place to shop pre-loved – there were so many times in my scouring the racks of second hand shops that an item that caught my eye still had the tags on it. We’ve all done it. You see something so incredibly cute you can’t resist. It’s on sale. You make your purchase without trying it on, I mean it’s only $7.00! You take it home and realize that not only does it not look right on you, but there is absolutely nothing in your closet you can wear it with. So on the hanger it goes and just sits in your closet because the hassle of taking it back is not worth the $7.00.

2. You can get higher quality for much less. Please don’t misunderstand. A higher price does not always equal quality. I have seen very expensive clothes in designer boutiques with loose buttons or threads hanging off. It used to be the case that $$$$ = quality, but just isn’t anymore. But, you KNOW that brand “x” is well made. They are just out of your price range. So you look at their website or go to their shop and drool. Some time spent on ebay or therealreal or vestiairecollective or any other of these consignment/second hand sites could result in you getting that lovely item and paying much, much less. Ok, so the person wore it once or twice. If you know you adore it, it is well made, and makes you feel like a movie star when you wear it, a wash to your satisfaction is going to make it good as “new to you.” 😉

3. I don’t know about you, but I have zero desire to look like everyone else. I have found much more interesting clothing on these pre-loved sites than any chain store (I have found that french and asian labels tend to be waaaay more interesting than american labels). Let me show you some examples:

Sacai Top

McQ Top

Grey Sandro Top

Now I don’t know about you, but to me these tops way more interesting than anything I’ve seen at Macy’s or Debenham’s or H&M or J Crew or, or, or….and since they are not currently on a shop floor, the chances of 10,000 people wearing your top are slim.

Another great thing is that most of the online pre-loved places allow some sort of bargaining. When was the last time you could do that in a retail store?

I did a post about trying things on, so unless you are really familiar with the designer’s sizing – find a couple of designers you love and go try their stuff on, see if it fits your body shape – please make sure you buy from someone that allows returns so that if it doesn’t look amazing on you when you get it, you can send it back.

Happy Hunting!!



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