Not so long ago, I believed that EVERY single female needed the little black dress. To me, it was an essential core item. In fact, there are a handful of things that I believe work as core items for me such as a pair of jeans that makes your ass look amazing, a white dress shirt, a cashmere sweater or two, a denim or chambray shirt, a white t-shirt, and a black blazer. However, I recently started researching color because, quite frankly, I started feeling very drab in my clothes. Turns out I’m a light summer and black doesn’t work for me at all. Let me clarify, black doesn’t work for me near my face. It makes me look like a zombie. I really wish I could look dashing in black, but I just don’t. Instead, my face lights up and looks shiny and new when I wear these colors:


As you can see, the darkest colors I can wear and not look like a vampire are charcoal grey and navy. The good thing is that I really like all of these colors. It’s not a case of “you look amazing in lemon yellow” while I am secretly loathing anything lemon colored. There is no point if you hate the color! I was obsessed for a while with having a “french wardrobe,” you know, small, amazing quality and neutral, neutral, neutral. But you know what? I’m not French. I don’t have their coloring (a lot have dark hair/brown eyes), and I choose to dress for what suits MY skin tone and MY coloring. If we’re going to invest in a shirt, it should make us feel good right?

I have a dream of having a wardrobe fit into one suitcase that can make me feel amazing for any weather and any situation. After my color revelation,  I had some weeding to do. I already had a number of navy things but I also had quite a few black things. I decided that I would keep two black bottoms (pants and a very dressy chiffon maxi skirt, both not near my face) and put the rest up on ebay or vestiairecollective so they could have a second life. Now I need to really start looking at where I have gaps. I think with just a couple modifications, not only will my wardrobe be more cohesive, but it will only have colors that make me look alive, awake and feeling pretty!

Do you choose clothes based on your color palette?


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