Can you tell I’m excited summer is almost here? This year, we are taking a trip to a lovely country with that hot summer weather I miss so much – flip flop and bathing suit weather! Which begs the question, what to pack?

Many moons ago when I had a roommate, he was packing to take a 2 week trip to see his family for Christmas…and he only wanted to take a carry-on. I thought “he’s crazy. 2 weeks and a carry-on? No way.” I asked him to show me what he was taking and I fell in love. Everything was color coordinated (not in that matchy matchy way) and easily fit into his suitcase. From that point on, my packing strategy changed. I have played with it over the years and have come up with a formula that works for me. Choose 3 colors. This is super easy if you already have a closet of clothes in colors you love. Then choose 3 solid tops, 3 patterned tops, 3 bottoms, and 2 dresses (one dressy/one casual) in those colors.
That’s only 11 items of clothing. From those 11 items of clothing you get 20 outfits. Yep, you read that right TWENTY.

I’ve been playing on Polyvore creating these capsule packing wardrobes (actually they could easily get you through the whole season). Here are some examples:

(all clothes are preloved and were found on polyvore)

As you can see, I’ve added in shoes and some accessories. They’re YOUR clothes, YOUR trip, YOUR lifestyle. Make it all casual or all dressy or a mixture. If you don’t like shorts, swap them for skirts or pants. If you don’t like dresses, wear a jumpsuit instead. AND, if you noticed, there are no regular blue jeans in these capsules. Add one normal regular blue jeans/shorts or skirt and you’re still only at 12 items and now have another 9 outfits!!!!

Happy packing and HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!!!

ps. my packing colors are grey, pink and white 🙂


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