A change of direction, but not really.

It would only make sense that after being obsessed with creating a perfect core wardrobe for myself, and hopefully inspiring you to your perfect wardrobe, that I would foray into minimalism and then zero waste – or what I like to call zerolism.


I think the above photo represents what a lot of people think of when they think of minimalism: colorless, cold, and very modern. My definition of minimalism is simply not having an excess of “things” in your space that do nothing to enhance your life.  If you went through your possessions and let go of all the things you might use “someday” or “it was a gift” or “it’s the most hideous thing in the world to you, but you inherited it so there it will sit and collect dust,” what would your home feel like? What would YOU feel like? How much cleaning time would you get back? And I bet you would still have that chair you love to curl up in with a good book, that colorful painting on the wall that your best friend did and the funky rug you found in a second hand shop for your first apartment that you adore. Because minimalism is simply about editing the excess out. Not living like a monk. Not denying yourself color and joy. And that is going to be different for everyone. Like I did with my closet. My wardrobe probably wouldn’t work for you and yours wouldn’t work for me. So, after editing my closet came my bedroom, then my living room, then my kitchen….zero waste was inevitable.


What is zero waste?

Again, like with minimalism, I think it has to be personal and based on you and your life.  You won’t have access to the same resources that I have, but in a nutshell, my definition of zero waste is about trying to reduce the amount of waste you produce in the world, most noticeably with single use plastics, such as plastic water bottles, plastic cutlery, paper napkins (yep, they have plastic in them), and things like this.

I would love to take you on my journey of moving towards “zerolism.” Maybe I can inspire you. Maybe I can inspire myself? Either way, I would love to share this with you.



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