A worthiness challenge to you.

Have you ever had to move multiple times in a year? Move multiple countries in that same year? Yeah, it’s not fun. Packing it, loading it, driving it, unpacking it, cleaning it…Or.. sort it, list it, sell it, donate it. Rinse and repeat. Over and over. That ceramic bunny that was once so cute starts being a royal pain in the ass. I’ve had this experience. I’ve moved more than most people on the planet. It’s exhausting. So this time, we decided to only keep what we actually use and brings joy. Everything else got sold or donated.

I am also taking the opportunity to keep anything plastic from crossing the threshold of our home. Let’s be honest, plastic is ugly and cheap. Not terribly long ago there was no plastic. Everything was made with quality materials and made to be repaired and last. Now manufacturers make everything as cheaply as possible and it’s all disposable. Why should I give a company a piece of my paycheck for a product that they knowingly made to break and be trashed? Is this how proud they are of their products? We know they pay tons of money to advertise to us, but they don’t put money into the products themselves. Why not? And we know this and keep buying it all!

Every time we buy one of these items, we are voting. We are voting yes for “cheap and disposable.” We are telling them that cheap and disposable is acceptable. We are essentially telling them that all our time and money is worth are cheap, disposable products.

You deserve quality. You deserve items made for longevity. You deserve to eat with a real fork and cloth napkin. You deserve to drink out of a real glass. We all do.

I challenge you to vote with your money and refuse anything plastic for the next 30 days.


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